How to turn your home into a holiday retreat

We always look forward to a long holiday where we can relax and forget all the stress from work and our busy lives. There are times when we spend ages browsing through holiday destinations and day dreaming about trips. Unfortunately, in reality, we tend not to have as much vacation as we would like.

With this limitation, some people take the quick and easy solution of giving their home the feeling of a hotel or resort. With simple decoration, you can create a relaxed and vacation-like ambience reminiscent to a holiday retreat. Here we will give you an idea of how to use decorative items such as artwork to generate and elevate the right atmosphere.

Firstly, it is best to set your preferred theme and concept. Then choose the artworks that fit that theme and help bring out suitable mood and tone by selecting the right subject matter or coordinated color scheme.

For a beach villa feel, opt for artworks with a seaside theme or nautical colors. White and light blue colored artwork are perfect with some additional pastel hues. Great selections are The Hammock by Peter Adams showing a nice blue sea with a row of coconut trees, and Blues Come Through by Brown Dalton, where you can almost feel a sea breeze. Always choose a calm sea instead of the stormy ocean for a more peaceful feeling. For a minimalist effect, try artwork that shows just an essence of a seaside town or colors, such as Valencia by Hazel Barker or Touch of Bermuda by Pryde Nicholson and James William.

Artworks with simple forms and neutral colors can help reenact the environment of a luxury spa. Ones that help establish a sense of tranquility and serenity. Minimalist or oriental pieces are great options. Try Oreos IV, a nice earthy abstract piece by Lindsay Hill, or Ferns & Grasses, a work reminiscent of Chinese ink paintings by Don Li-Leger, or Lettre D’Amour, a sleek and lavish golden lotus painting by Keith Mallett.

If you want to create the feel of a mountain resort or a lake cabin, try choosing green or panoramic landscape for the refreshing vibe of the wilderness. Green is the color of nature and harmony, while a panoramic landscape visually helps you relax. Go for Foothills in Late Spring by Sandy Wadlington or Pointing the Way by O. Moore.

The trick is to pick an artwork that feels airy and soothing. Always go for a large central piece rather than small artworks to emphasize the sensation. Neutral and cool colors are recommended as they give out a more peaceful and calming effect. After a long working day, it’s always nice to come back to a tranquil home. It gives you a brief escape where you can relax and refresh your body and mind.

by Nim Niyomsin

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