How artwork can improve your space

We all wish for a dream property where every detail perfectly suits our needs and tastes. In reality, not everyone is so lucky as to have his or her own place that they can design from the floor up. Most of us live in a rental space or have purchased a new ready-built property project or second-hand home.

There will always be aspects of an interior that we dislike. It is essential to recognize how to improve and make adjustments in these spaces. Here are some tips on how an artwork can improve your interior.

To make a small space seem considerably larger, try selecting a large work in a bright color to create an airy feel. Go for a panorama, landscape or seascape theme. This image will visually help expand the room by making it appear bigger. Make sure to use a light colored frame instead of a heavy elaborate one. A great example is Snowfall by Burney Lieberman

For a windowless room, colored photography in a nature theme, such as a skyscape or greenery, is a perfect option, giving your room the illusion of an open space. For example, the Palm Shadows I and Palm Shadows II by Chris Simpson are reminiscent of an outdoor garden seen through a window. For a more refreshing tropical feel, go for the Tropical Horizons series. Select a thin and simple frame that will not distract from the artwork.

Most property will have unused wall space, an area that is too small or too peculiar to be useful. Artwork can help make use of these spaces. In a corridor, try grouping small artworks together. To highlight an overall décor style, choose works that match your interior. Or make it more interesting by mixing and matching artworks and frames to create an eclectic look. For a small space, an oversized artwork can turn the whole wall into a single piece of décor and create a great statement.

A major problem facing those who live in a rental space is the room color. Most places have restrictions on redecoration. If you don’t like the interior color, the best and easiest solution is to display the right artwork. For washed-out walls, choose colorful works, with your favorite hues, to brighten up a room and make it more interesting.

Abstract-styled paintings are great solution, with their emphasis on colors and forms. Good examples are the Variations Abstraites series by Pascal Magis for a pure colored abstraction, the Evolutions III by Gerry Baptist for solid forms and color, or go for a piece by a Master such as Colour Study – Squares and Concentric by Wassily Kandinsky.

Artworks don’t just hold aesthetic value, they also have a practical use. To maximize this quality, most property owners decide to consult an expert to get the best result. Many galleries and designers offer a site visit service and can give you customized solutions. The beneficial nature of art is immense. It has become one of the best tools to improve on the limitations of a space while at the same time enhancing the look of an interior.

by Nim Niyomsin

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