Pablo Picasso

There are stories that Pablo Picasso sometimes paid his restaurant bills by drawing a quick sketch on a napkin. Whether this is a myth or a true story, its believability proves how much he was admired and how famous he was in his own lifetime. He was revolutionary in his day and even now, his works are highly sought after as his legacy grows ever stronger.

What’s interesting about many artworks by the Masters is their timeless quality. This especially holds true with Picasso, whose style works incredibly well in the modern world due to its form and abstract quality. His art pieces are perfect as an interior item for a modern and contemporary decoration. They are visually magnificent and are a link to 20th century world cultural history.

Most people nowadays know him for cubist works given that he was a co-founder of the movement. However Picasso created a variety of painting and drawing styles, and there are many artworks available to suit anyone’s need.

If you are looking for simplicity, try Don Quixote, a black and white piece by the artist. It’s a simple sketch reminiscent of a contemporary design but with an extensive history. This work was about Don Quixote, a famous character from Spanish literature, and was featured in a French journal in 1955. The piece is great for a variety of decors due to its color and style.

For those who like it simple but need a dash of color, try the Jacqueline a Mantille Sur Fond Rouge piece. This painting stands out with its strong color contrast. A black and white figure of a woman is set against a dark red backdrop. The same reddish color also appears on her polished nails. With a hint of cubism, the work is modern with minimal lines and angular forms. Perfect to give a dramatic sense to any room.

Another great cubist work is The Kitchen, where Picasso creates a piece that emphasizes line and form. Its color is cool and neutral. The abstract quality makes the work stylish and versatile. It would work with a modern minimal house, a hip trendy coffee shop, or even an industrial loft.

Picasso also created a more curvy form. In La lecture (Woman Reading), the artist depicts a blonde woman sitting on a chair reading a book. The model was one of his lovers. The piece is colorful and has a softer touch thanks to the curvy forms while still holding cubism elements. Its vibrant colors and remarkable shapes make the work suit any space, from an arty café to a highly contemporary home.

Picasso’s works fit well with contemporary temperament due to its progressive artistic style. This makes it a great option for art decoration. You will have work that is both visually stunning and holds historical importance.

By Nim Niyomsin

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