Minimalist Art

Minimalist Art

The combination of simplicity and style can result in a wonderful outcome for home decoration. This is the reason why the minimalist decorative style is a great answer for people who enjoy a clean and sleek look.

Other than the main interior design, an element that best emphasizes and completes this look is minimalist artwork. The Minimalism movement first originated in the 60s in the US with a strong association to many prominent American visual artists. These days, we are referring to an artistic style that generally emphasizes the essence of the artwork such as line, shape, medium, and color, while getting rid of any figures, stories, or any kind of representation. The media ranges from painting, photography to 3-dimensional pieces. This style of work offers a neat and smart look while drawing attention to the artwork’s striking elements.

A good starting point when selecting this type of artwork is to focus on an element that best accentuates the look you want. For example, you can start by choosing your desired colors. Many artworks offer a wide selection of tones from a monochrome in various hues to multicolored work. Simply choose your favorite colors or, even better, the one that also matches your interior to sync the work to a space. It can be an art piece with a hint of color that is found on your furniture or other main decorative items within the same area. A strong color will make the room more vibrant while a softer hue can give a warm and tranquil feeling, such as the nice earthy tone found in Strata I and II by Suze Adams.

Line and shape are other strong elements. They help bring an extra dimension to a minimal room. Selecting work with horizontal or vertical lines will highlight the main structure of the architecture. Straight lines give your space a strong and clean-cut look, while curvy lines will soften the ambience. You can use lines to reflect the curve of your furniture to create a harmony for the whole interior. Try works by Denise Duplock, which highlight the use of line and form.

Geometric shaped artwork can make your neat décor more interesting. Angle shapes are stylish and modern while circle or round shapes give an endearing and playful feel. A recurring pattern makes a nice decoration while at the same time becoming a focal point for the space with intricate repetition outlined against the immaculate backdrop of the interior.

Another great alternative is to focus on an artwork’s medium and texture. Let the nature of the medium lead. A monochrome oil painting showing off its texture can be very interesting. Plain metal works can make a sleek metallic surface take centre stage. Even the flat surface of photography can visually display a texture through the image they capture. Check out the Particular by Jesse Canales.

Minimalist artwork can complete your ideal minimal decoration. It is stylish and gives a nice artistic touch to a neat interior. Choosing the right work will greatly enhance the whole look and make your space more elegant and chic.

By Nim Niyomsin

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