Art for Children’s Room

When it comes to decorating a room for children, many elements should be taken into consideration. You don’t just want to create a beautiful surrounding for your kids, you also want to have a décor that provides them a warm and comforting environment while encouraging development and fostering their creativity and imagination. Here are great selections of artworks that would suit any space from kids’ rooms to nurseries to children’s clinics.


Young children grow up watching Disney programs and films. Disneyland is every kid’s dream destination. This makes Disney one of the most popular decorative themes. The trick is to pick artwork based on your kids’ favorite characters and work from that. For example, if your daughter loves the film Beauty and the Beast, a poster ‘Belle – Getting to Know You’ in her room will always start her day with a smile. For a communal space, try choosing a group favorite, such as ‘Mickey, Donald and Goofy Friends Forever’. Disney’s universal appeal is perfect for common areas like a playroom in a nursery or school to emphasize friendship and social bonds.

Children’s Literature

An artwork can tell many stories. Imagine after reading or hearing their favorite tales, kids then turn to see pretty images of their beloved characters surrounding them in the real world. A memorable moment recreated as a piece of art helps enhance their imagination and encourages them to construct their own version of a story. Try Barry Macey’s ‘Paddington Bear’ works deriving from the classic tales that have captured the heart of millions of children for generations. Or ‘Pooh’s Party’ which presents characters from Winnie the Pooh, based on A.A. Milne’s famous book, showing the much-loved bear having a tea party with his friends.

Kids’ Hobbies and Activities

It is good to have artworks that are both pleasing and that communicate directly to children. Artworks of activities they enjoy, from sports to their daily routine to their dreams, can help kids learn to reflect on the world through their own perception. For babies or the young, this type of work helps them develop their self-awareness. ‘Hamilton’ by Daly shows a little boy having a bath, a routine which small kids can relate to. In ‘Music’ by Piperberg, a group of girls are playing musical instruments together. The art acts as a stimulation and inspiration for those who are into music.

Children’s Illustrations

These are artworks that are aimed towards younger audiences. Normally they use soft colors, like pastels, with colorful hues instead of darker tones. The figures and drawings are generally quite simple and the subject matters are varied. For example, ‘Felicity Wishes II’ by Emma Thomson shows a little fairy in a pink dress with little wings. ‘Kitty Bow Wow’ by Claire is incredibly cute with pictures of cats and dogs, kids’ favorite pets. ‘Spaceship’ by James William and Pryde Nicholson is perfect for any youngsters who dream of space adventure. Since these types of works are reminiscent of a children’s book illustration, they give kids a comforting and welcoming feel. These works are perfect for the home and particularly useful in stressful environments for children, such as dental and pediatrician clinics.

Artwork helps kids learn to appreciate the beauty of the world while at the same time helping to develop their abilities and skills. Above are examples and key selections. There are countless artworks that are created with children in mind. It’s essential to select the right artworks that not only create a pleasant environment but are also suitable for your children and the function of your space.

By Nim Niyomsin

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