Photography and Decor

In today’s society, photography is part of our daily life. It functions not just to record our experiences but also to present the reality and beauty of the world we live in.

This aesthetic aspect makes photography a celebrated art form and one of the most popular decorative items. Some people go for a more challenging option by displaying their own photography whereas others select works by professional photographers who offer great pieces in countless styles and themes.

Self-portraits and family photos, done tastefully, can be used as home decoration. The trick is in the layout and framing. Try grouping the photos together artfully and select the right frame to match with your style and color scheme. This will make your house homey and act as a warm welcome for your guests.

Sea and mountain view photographs are great as they help relax and refresh your mind. The cool color tones have a soothing effect. These images can create a holiday feel and be uplifting, especially useful for those with a hectic work and city life. These positive effects also work with photos of other natural themes, such as trees or flowers. It helps bringing nature into an interior. Floral photography also gives your space a touch of color and romance.

There are a couple of factors you should keep in mind when choosing a photograph. Firstly, not all types of photography work in all spaces. It’s important to choose the ones that match your decorative style, mood and tone. For example, black and white and sepia photos can be timeless and classic, bringing a vintage touch to a space, while a more stylish black and white or an abstract form would match a modern and minimal decor. For an urban feel, which is perfect for a trendy bar or café, try choosing street photography for a hip and cool look, or a cityscape for an upbeat and energetic ambiance.

Secondly, always consider the overall color hue that would match your space and décor. For multiple displays, it may be good to control the color tone of each photo so they do not compete with each other.

Lastly, the layout is also important. An oversized print can be a bold statement. For a multiple and group displays, try choosing a smaller standardized size for a neat and clean effect or go for different sizes for an eclectic style.

Photography is one of the easiest and most cost effective options to use in interior decoration. It can transform your place and help bring out the splendor and character of your space.

By Nim Niyomsin


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