Black and White

For many people, black and white artwork is a must have. Its attraction and popularity derives from its striking simplicity and high versatility.

Aesthetically, a black and white piece is impactful and highly atmospheric through the use of monochrome while avoiding color distraction. Its emphasis is on form and texture, creating a depth of vision by highlighting a contrast between light and shadow.

From an interior decoration point of view, a black and white is a great addition to any space. The lack of color complexity makes it work well with various decorative styles and goes with any wall color. Adding an impressive black and white print to a colorful wall and décor makes it an eye stopper, acting as a statement in a vibrant surrounding. Alternatively, adding it to the clean white wall can create a neat and powerful look. You can easily select a piece that would suit any specific mood and tone.

Black and white artwork can have a timeless aspect that suits all interior styles from modern to vintage, providing numerous artwork options. Try a classic film still poster. Or add a romantic touch with a black and white photograph of a romantic get away, like Paris at night. To make a space more stylish, a glamorous portrait or a fashion shoot is the best way to add a smart elegance to a space.

A black and white piece can also be more upbeat depending on the style of artwork. A cool typography or a pop art print, focusing on design and creativity, brings out the fun and give a dynamic spark to a space.

A more abstract style focusing on pattern and form can be a strong statement, especially when surrounded by a clean simple wall. Black and white photography of an object or a natural form can create a calm and zen-like atmosphere, while the vastness of a natural landscape can bring a mystic feel.

For an industrial decor, cityscapes and architectural drawings are great in monochrome as they highlight artwork’s lines and form, which in turn accentuate and reflect the solid structure of a space.

Black and white artworks are incredibly versatile and a great compliment to countless decorative styles. When you are choosing your next art print for your space, don’t forget to consider a black and white piece among your top choices.

By Nim Niyomsin

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