Add a retro feel to your decor

When it comes to home decoration, the vintage style is increasingly popular with numerous vintage fairs and markets flourishing in towns and cities offering countless ways to complete your desired look. One easy and affordable option is through the use of vintage posters. These posters are invaluable for any interior designer as they can be adapted to any vintage decoration style. Here are some of the more recognized types:

Art Nouveau Posters

A 19th Century European style, its features are elaborate and ornamental design with female figures or natural forms. This style would add a sumptuous European touch to a space. It would work well with charming French Vintage decoration. Try Théophile Steinlen, whose works include ‘Lait Sterilise’ and ‘Clinique Cheron’.

Advertising Posters

Over the last century, advertising posters have transformed to reflect modern life. The designs became less complex with a focus on the products. The style was led by Leonetto Cappiello who was well-known for his liquor advertisements. Not only will these posters look good in your living room, they are also a great compliment for bars and restaurants. Look at “Petit Costes au lait” or “Vintage Beauty 1” for some inspiration.

Art Deco Posters

Originating before WWI, this style uses strong geometric forms to highlight the rise of machines and technology. Its strong angular shapes are a perfect compliment for an industrial look, particularly when using building or city themes. The subject matters can be varied; from entertainment, urban, to travel posters. This makes Art Deco posters so versatile. For instance, music and film posters will give a timeless finish to a home theatre or entertainment venue. Holiday destination posters can turn your room into a nostalgic retreat. Go with ‘See America: Welcome to Montana’ by Richard Halls.

Pop Art Posters

These posters depict various aspects of popular culture, such as comics, news, advertising and mass production through the use of vibrant colors and text. Matching these colorful posters with a white wall will give your modern space a vintage vibe with a sense of playfulness. Try a lively Comic Strip series by Tom Frazier or go for a more enduring look with works by Roy Newby.

Propaganda Posters

Propaganda posters have been used for decades to promote political ideologies. They often employ highly persuasive messages using powerful images and text. They are great decorative item with distinct design creating a major impact; their stories make a terrific conversation piece.

Typography Posters

Focusing on the design of letters and characters while minimizing background detail, typography uses the text layout to draw and grab attention. Notable examples are Bauhaus Posters. Their stylistic nature brings out a creative and energetic vibe, which is good for any room and is perfect for a coffee shop or a co-working space.

The size of the posters can also make a difference. A large single poster can be an outstanding centerpiece good for a modern-vintage feel, whereas using multiple smaller posters will create a more timeless and intimate vintage look.

Choosing the right vintage poster can be an immensely enjoyable experience and a great way to express your individuality. Being so affordable, some choose to constantly change poster selections on display to create new moods and tones. In addition to creating a great look for your space, vintage posters act as a reflection on the past and can be highly collectible.

by Nim Niyomsin




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