Art Prints and Interior Decoration

Whether you just bought your dream home, are opening a shop or a new restaurant, one of the most important decisions is to choose the right interior decoration. Think of the most popular restaurants in town. Their popularity is not just down to the food but also to the décor and the atmosphere.

When decorating, you devote your time to selecting the right theme and furniture, yet often something is still missing. Not all of us are experts and interior decoration is not as easy as it seems. What most people tend to overlook is in the detail. Small props can make a huge difference. Among the many options, artworks have proved to be one of the most effective and pleasing choices to complete a look.

This doesn’t mean that you have to acquire a costly original artwork. An art print of your favorite artists or styles is a great alternative. Thanks to improvements in printing technology, you can now acquire reasonably priced high quality prints and posters from many sources ranging from a museum shop or an art gallery to online store.

Here, we have selected three of the most popular decorative styles to see how to match art prints to these themes.

Imagine you want to turn your place into an English Cottage with its airy white tone and a touch of floral prints and fresh flowers. Try adding quaint botanicals prints to a wall space. For example, the charming Le Jardin des Fleurs series by Maria Mendez would be a great compliment. Or get flowers or garden paintings, such as The Artist’s Garden at Giverny by Monet. Those prints help accentuate the look and create a perfect link between an indoor space and an outdoor garden.

For a hip industrial loft style, decorative items should match its streamlined structure and raw surfaces. A nice compliment would be a cityscape or architectural drawing with straight and strong outlines. Try ‘Bird Eyes View’ photography of a city or an image of a grand architectural design. For instance, a photograph by Bliss of the Empire State Building would give your space a real New York Loft feel.

A chic Modern style is one of the most popular choices, with its clean-cut design, refined lines and minimal approach. Two extreme opposites type of works best compliment this modern simplicity. Choose a black and white art piece for an alluring enigmatic look. Or go for an intense and vibrant color like those found in abstract paintings. Keep the art form simple and not too complicated.

An art piece is not just a mere decoration. It is also a statement. The trick is to get art prints that symbolize the soul of your decorative style. Not only will it help create a perfect look, it is the best way to represent who you are and portray the right image.

By Nim Niyomsin

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